Press Spotlight on NSI’s Migration Governance Study


The New South Institute (NSI) has recently received extensive press coverage following the release of its report “Framing a Study of African Migration Governance Reform—Towards Freer Movement“, a product of our Migration Governance Reform in Africa (MIGRA) research program. Authored by the program’s director, Professor Alan Hirsch, this research has stirred a significant amount of interest and discussion in both local and international media. Here, we will provide a comprehensive review of the outreach activities led by Professor Hirsch to promote the report and discuss how the press has echoed its findings and implications.

On July 21, 2023, The Conversation featured an op-ed article written by Professor Hirsch discussing the key findings of the MIGRA report. This detailed piece presented the importance of migration reform in Africa and provided a nuanced insight into the scope of the study. Following its successful reception, the same article was republished on The Citizen, an online platform, on July 25, 2023, amplifying the reach of the research’s findings.

On July 22, 2023, Professor Hirsch extended the report’s exposure, providing an interview for Newzroom Afrika’s TV show, led by Mpho Sithole. Expanding the outreach efforts to the radio platform, on July 24, Professor Hirsch granted an in-depth interview to Channel Islam International (CiiRadio) for the program Yaumun Jadeed. The discussion centered around the research and the dynamic nature of migration in Africa, exposing the audience to the complexities and opportunities presented by this subject.

Continuing this momentum, on July 25, 2023, Professor Hirsch was featured on KUTV Kenya’s program Biashara Tuesday, hosted by journalist Richard Okenye. This interview was an opportunity to delve deeper into the subject of migration reform, highlighting the implications of the report’s findings for Kenya and the broader East Africa region. In addition to these efforts, Hirsch extended the reach of the report’s findings even further by granting an interview to the Nigerian television channel News Central TV on August 14, 2023. This appearance provided an opportunity to discuss the MIGRA report with a broader African audience.

Still in July 25, Hirsch was also a guest on the SABCNews program LateEdition404, where he discussed the report with host Flo Letoaba. This platform allowed for further exploration of the study’s themes and conclusions, as well as an engaging conversation about the future of migration governance in Africa.

These series of press engagements have provided an effective avenue for Professor Hirsch and the NSI to publicize the MIGRA report’s findings, igniting a vital conversation about migration reform in Africa. As the NSI continues its work in this critical area, we encourage all interested parties to read the report and join the dialogue.

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