NSI Publishes Latest Newsletter (May 2024)


The New South Institute (NSI) has released its latest newsletter, detailing significant developments in our ongoing work and impact both locally and globally. We invite you to read the full newsletter and stay informed about our initiatives. You can access the document here.

In this edition, key highlights include:

Insights from Princeton University’s Global South Conference NSI’s Director, Ivor Chipkin, presented a paper on anti-imperialism and the national democratic revolution in South Africa at Princeton University’s Global South and the Future of World Order Conference. This event provided a platform for distinguished scholars to discuss critical issues affecting the Global South.

Discussions on Global Peace NSI researchers Radmila Nakarada and Miloš Hrnjaz participated in an interview on Serbian television, addressing the significance of global peace. Their insights were featured on RTV Vojvodine, highlighting the importance of international cooperation in peacebuilding.

Migration Dynamics in South Africa Alan Hirsch, NSI senior researcher, analyzed the complexities of migration in South Africa on BBC’s Focus on Africa. He discussed the challenges and implications of cross-border movement, particularly from SADC countries, and the broader impact on the continent.

Contributions to Foresight Africa 2024 Report Hirsch also contributed to the Brookings Institute’s “Foresight Africa 2024” report, focusing on migration governance in Africa. This comprehensive analysis explores critical issues affecting the continent and offers policy recommendations for sustainable development.

Urban Housing Policies and Migration Following the tragic Usindiso Building fire in Johannesburg, Hirsch provided testimony at the Commission of Inquiry. His research on migration governance highlighted the incident’s implications for urban housing policies.

Public Service Reform Efforts NSI played a significant role in the Public Service Amendment Bill’s passage, advocating for professionalization and accountability in South Africa’s public service. The bill represents a historic step towards effective governance and administrative reform.

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