As we work to strengthen delicate democracies, your support helps us build effective and accountable institutions. Each contribution is a step towards this vital goal.

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Passionate about our cause? Reach out to us with your CV and join our ranks as a volunteer, working alongside our committed team of experts. The NSI also offers scholarship opportunities. Please visit our scholarships page for details.


If your company aligns with our vision and values, consider committing to an ongoing contribution to NSI. Become a regular supporter and collaborator on a variety of our initiatives and programs. Contact us to explore this opportunity further.

Monthly donations

By committing to a monthly donation, you provide us with the capacity to strategically plan and execute our government reform projects. After the initial donation, the same amount will be debited from your account each subsequent month.

  • Cancellation: Should you wish to cancel your monthly donation, please email us.
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Why donate to NSI?

Democracy remains fragile in many parts of the world. Weak governance arrangements and institutions undermine the ability of elected governments to enact their policies, eroding the credibility of democratic systems. By supporting NSI, you help address these challenges and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide, specially in South Africa. Your assistance is pivotal to advancing our reform agenda and providing practical, implementable solutions.

Where does your support go?

All voluntary donations are used to support our team in developing cutting-edge projects on government reform and strengthening fragile democracies. We are officially registered in South Africa as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), with PBO number PBO 930080176. We uphold strict financial oversight systems, including regular independent audits. For more detailed information about our donation policy, please refer to our Donation Policy Page.

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