Reflecting on Recent Dialogues: Examining the Ukraine Conflict and Global Capitalism


In recent times, the New South Institute (NSI) has been actively involved in dialogues that span the globe, focusing on key socio-political and economic issues.

On the one hand, a rigorous conversation took place in the European Journal of Social Theory between Ivor Chipkin, Executive Director and co-founder of NSI, and Hans-Herbert Koegler, Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of North Florida. The discourse developed around three separate publications on the subject of the conflict in Ukraine and the implications of supporting its defence.

Kögler initiated the conversation with the publication of his article, “Democracy or dictatorship? The moral call to defend Ukraine“, on March 27, 2023. In this text, he critically examined the ongoing war in Ukraine from a moral perspective, emphasizing the importance of empathetic support for Ukraine and criticizing the abstraction of the geopolitical perspective.

In response, Chipkin published “Nazism, nationalism and the war in Ukraine: A reply to Kögler” on April 11, 2023. Here, Chipkin explored the complexity of the Ukraine war, arguing for a deeper understanding of the historical context and complexities of Nazism, particularly in relation to contemporary European nationalisms, and its impact on the Slavic and Russian populations.

Kögler then provided a further reflection on the topic on July 9, 2023, in his article “Postscript: On the moral case for solidarity with Ukraine: A reply.” He returned to his initial argument of a moral obligation to support Ukraine, highlighting the conflict as not merely geopolitical but involving contrasting normative visions and discussing the potential for negotiations.

On a parallel track, two other members of NSI, Jelena Vidojevic, Research Fellow and Co-Founder, and Radmila Nakarada, Distinguished Fellow, conducted an interview with William I. Robinson, a Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Global and International Studies at the University of California. This dialogue, published in Brave New Europe, addressed the intensification of global contradictions and militarized accumulation under global capitalism, considering their potential to lead to a global crisis.

Moreover, in a similar publication in Brave New Europe, Jeffrey D. Sachs, Professor of Sustainable Development and Health Policy at Columbia University, presented a detailed chronology of the Ukraine conflict. In his analysis, Sachs emphasized the urgent need for a diplomatic resolution to the conflict, arguing that the media narrative in the United States has not adequately portrayed the reality of the situation.

These ongoing discussions indicate the commitment of NSI and its members to thoughtfully engage with global crises. By examining these situations from various perspectives, these dialogues foster a better understanding of the complexities of the modern world, opening avenues for potential solutions.

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