Stephan Malherbe

Chair of the NSI board


Johannesburg, South Africa



Stephan Malherbe has a long-standing career in economics and corporate governance. He holds a bachelor’s degree and an LLB from the University of Stellenbosch. Furthering his education, he earned a master’s degree in Economics and Finance from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

In February 1998, Malherbe founded Genesis Analytics, a consultancy firm headquartered in Johannesburg with an additional office in Nairobi. As the Chair and CEO, he oversees approximately 180 staff members, focusing the firm’s efforts on policy formulation, competition economics, and financial services strategy, among other services. The firm positions itself at the intersection where markets meet the state, offering expertise in both the public and corporate sectors.

Malherbe has been actively involved in the formation of economic policies and frameworks. In 1997, he participated in the development of South Africa’s competition law framework. His work in competition economics extended to India in 2010, where he opened the first firm dedicated to that sector. Throughout his career, he has provided expert analysis and advice in various industries, including steel, healthcare, and mining.

In addition to his work in competition economics, Malherbe has advised several African countries on economic policy at the presidential level. During the 1990s, he contributed to South Africa’s constitutional development process, advocating for increased constitutional protection of property rights and central bank independence, as well as extending the Bill of Rights to include businesses and other organizations.

In August 2023, Malherbe accepted the position of Chair of the New South Institute (NSI) board.

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