Bridging communities through thinking: Rafael Leite’s New South Institute article in the Portuguese Forum


The New South Institute (NSI) is pleased to announce the publication of an article by our researcher, Rafael Leite, in the Portuguese Forum, a magazine dedicated to the Portuguese community in South Africa (and also published in our newsletter). Entitled “Looking for New Horizons, the Birth of the New South Institute”, the article explains the rationale behind our think tank’s transition from Government and Public Policy (GAPP) to the New South Institute. The article was published in both English and Portuguese.

In his article, Leite effectively draws an analogy between think tanks and ships, arguing that both must adapt to the ever-changing landscape of public affairs in order to remain at the forefront of research and analysis. This idea underpins our decision to adopt the name New South Institute, which reflects our ambition to become a South African-based think tank with global reach. Our aim is to draw parallels and forge partnerships with emerging democracies around the world, while addressing the unique challenges faced by countries on the global periphery.

The dissemination of Leite’s article in the Portuguese Forum is particularly important as it allows us to engage a wider audience and foster opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange. Engaging diverse communities is crucial to the growth and effectiveness of think tanks like NSI, as it allows us to tap into a wider range of experiences, ideas and insights. This commitment is evidenced by Leite’s contributions at NSI’s São Paulo office and our dedication to cultivating robust partnerships worldwide, encompassing regions like the Balkans and India.

We invite you to read Rafael Leite’s insightful article in the Portuguese Forum and discover the reasons behind the New South Institute’s name change. By delving into his article, you will gain a full understanding of the vision and goals driving this change and how it aligns with our commitment to addressing global challenges. Take this opportunity to learn more about the exciting journey ahead for the New South Institute.

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