The Tricky Relationship Between Politics and Civil Service Reform: Insights from Rafael Leite


The NSI researcher Rafael Leite wrote an op-ed for Global Government Forum titled “Why are civil services so hard to reform?“. This publication is part of the NSI and Global Government Forum’s joint efforts to provide a platform for researchers to share their insights and viewpoints.

Leite explores the struggles that countries in the global south experience while trying to implement civil service reforms. These challenges are complicated by patronage systems that are deeply ingrained. He advocates for reform strategies that are context-specific and designed to cater to each nation’s distinct political and economic environment.

Leite emphasizes the importance of gradual and subtle changes in civil service practices to accomplish significant and long-lasting improvement. It is necessary to balance technical and political factors to achieve these goals.

To comprehend the intricacies and political dynamics of civil service reform, we recommend reading Rafael Leite’s complete article on the Global Government Forum website.

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