NSI’s Radmila Nakarada sheds light on global conflict dynamics in interview


In a poignant dialogue on March 5, 2024, with journalist Ljubica Gojgic, Radmila Nakarada, the Distinguished Fellow at the New South Institute, explored the complexities of global conflict dynamics, with a particular focus on the recent disturbances in Gaza. This discussion, rich in insights, spanned the roles of international law, obligations to historically colonized peoples, and the relentless pursuit of global peace.

Nakarada offered a detailed critique on how global conflicts are addressed, noting a marked inconsistency in the application of international laws. She highlighted the case of South Africa taking legal action against Israel for alleged genocide acts in Gaza, portraying a significant step by nations from the Global South to seek peaceful resolutions through judicial means.

Further delving into the issue of double standards in global politics, Nakarada underscored the necessity for a united stance by the Global South against such disparities. She advocated for a solidarity that leverages shared histories of colonialism and the collective post-colonial journey towards achieving justice and equity on the global stage.

This interview not only showcases Nakarada’s depth of knowledge but also aligns with the New South Institute’s goal of stimulating well-informed discussions on critical public policy and governance issues. The conversation, though centered around the immediate context of Gaza’s conflict, extends into broader themes of justice, legal integrity, and the challenges faced by marginalized communities globally.

For those interested in a deeper understanding of these themes, the full interview with Radmila Nakarada, conducted in Serbian, is available for viewing at the following link. Through such dialogues, the New South Institute continues to contribute to the discourse that influences policy making and public understanding.

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