NSI Report on African Migration Featured in Continental Media


The New South Institute’s publication, “An Analysis of Trends and Patterns of Migration in Africa” by Michael Mulei Mutava, has received attention across African media. Part of NSI’s Migration Governance Reform project, the report was discussed on various platforms, including Moneyweb@Midday, KUTV Kenya, and News Central TV.

Originally released on November 3, the report first featured in a detailed discussion on the Moneyweb@Midday podcast on November 8. Here, Mutava addressed misconceptions about African migration, highlighting the report’s findings that a significant portion of migration occurs within the continent, notably within regions such as SADC, EAC, and ECOWAS.

Expanding its reach beyond South Africa, Mutava engaged with media across Africa, including an appearance on Nigeria’s News Central TV, which covers pan-African issues, on November 12, and an interview with Kenya’s KUTV on November 14. In these interactions, he discussed the report’s findings, specifically focusing on intra-African migration and its impact on the socio-economic development of the continent.

The widespread coverage of this report in South African and broader African media reflects its relevance to ongoing discussions on migration. It contributes to a factual and analytical understanding of migration patterns in Africa, challenging prevailing narratives and informing policy considerations.

The New South Institute continues to promote the report as a valuable resource for academics, policymakers, and media outlets interested in the dynamics of African migration.

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