Insights on the Israel-Palestine Conflict: A Conversation with NSI’s Radmila Nakarada


Radmila Nakarada, a distinguished fellow at the New South Institute (NSI), recently shared her insights on the longstanding Israel-Palestine conflict in an interview with the Media Center in Serbia. The Media Center, established in 1994 by the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia, is a multimedia organization serving the Southeast Europe region.

In the interview, Nakarada addressed the deep-rooted historical traumas experienced by both Israelis and Palestinians and the complexities of their ongoing conflict. She emphasized the importance of understanding and addressing the pain and historical injustices that have fueled this strife.

Nakarada highlighted the escalation of violence, describing the situation as the “gates of hell being opened” with the Hamas massacre and Israel’s retaliatory widespread bombing and blockade. She also brought attention to the alarming humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza and the potential for the conflict to escalate further.

The interview sheds light on the broader context, tracing back to colonial interference and subsequent displacements and conflicts. Nakarada emphasized that the situation is layered with paradoxes and shifting interests that must be acknowledged to comprehend the full scope of the issue.

Nakarada believes that the horrifying acts of violence represent a moment of immense pain but also an opportunity for change. She stressed the importance of careful treatment of historical injustices and traumas, advocating for reconciliation and equal rights as a path forward.

The interview, conducted in Serbian, can be accessed on the Media Center’s website. We encourage those interested in understanding the nuanced perspectives shared by Radmila Nakarada to use automatic translation tools to read the full conversation.

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