Daily Maverick Features NSI’s Ivor Chipkin on South African Civil Service


Ivor Chipkin, Executive Director of the New South Institute (NSI), has written an op-ed in the Daily Maverick of 05 October 2023, outlining the evolving landscape of public service reform in South Africa. The article highlights proposed changes aimed at adjusting the dynamic between politicians and civil servants. Central to the discussion is the anticipated role of the Public Service Amendment Act, which is positioned to reduce political discretion in recruitment and operational matters.

In July, a key conference brought together key government agencies and Mr Chipkin, representing the NSI, was among the key participants. Their collective deliberations focused on the need to professionalise the South African public service. The editorial posits that the successful implementation of these reforms could significantly influence the legacy of the Ramaphosa administration.

Providing a historical context, Chipkin contrasts South Africa’s challenges of politicised public administrations with those of other nations. He emphasises the importance of the current political environment, which appears ready to embrace the proposed reforms.

For a deeper understanding of Mr Chipkin’s insights and the broader implications for public service reform, the full op-ed can be accessed on the Daily Maverick’s official platform.

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