Envisioning Change: Jelena Vidojević’s Call for a Utopian Approach in Public Policy


Jelena Vidojević, co-founder and research fellow at the New South Institute (NSI), has recently contributed an insightful article to the Global Government Forum, titled “Another world is possible“. This publication is part of NSI’s ongoing partnership with the GGF, showcasing our commitment to fostering meaningful dialogue in public policy and management. Furthermore, this article was also featured on “Brave New Europe“, a platform with which NSI has had the privilege of collaborating on different occasions, exemplified by our previous joint initiatives (here and here).

In her article, Vidojević delves into the current global state of crisis, highlighting the impact of neoliberal policies and the need for a renewed approach to governance. She critically examines the instability of capitalism and the challenges to democracy, pointing out the significant societal and ecological issues we face. Vidojević emphasizes the failure of post-1970s reforms in addressing these crises, advocating instead for a shift towards utopian thinking as a response to the prevailing sense of dystopia.

The article draws on various sources, including Kristen Ghodsee’s “Everyday Utopia” and Erik Olin Wright’s “The Real Utopias Project“, to illustrate the potential for creative and progressive solutions. Vidojević argues for a reimagination of our societal structures and public policies to build a more cohesive and harmonious world.

We invite our audience to read Vidojević’s compelling arguments on the Global Government Forum’s website, offering valuable perspectives for those interested in shaping a better future in public administration and policy.

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