Jelena Vidojević

Co-Founder and Research Fellow


Johannesburg, South Africa



Jelena Vidojević is the Co-Founder of the New South Institute (NSI), together with Ivor Chipkin. Before moving to South Africa she worked as an Assistant Professor of Social Policy at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences, where she wrote and taught on comparative and global social policy. At GAPP she has continued her work on social policy, focusing on welfare reforms in South Africa with a special interest in the Universal Basic Income Grant. She is also responsible for expanding and developing the field of comparative public policy. In this regard her work focuses on the New South, bringing South African and African experiences into conversation with South America, Asia and more especially Eastern Europe. She received her PhD in Political Science from the University of Belgrade. She has been a visiting researcher at the University of Oslo (Department of Sociology and Human Geography), University of Cape Town (Department of Political Studies), University of Witwatersrand (School of Social Sciences) and The Institute of Advanced Studies, Vienna. She has twice won an Open Society Scholars Award.

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