The South African Welfare State System: A Special Focus on Universal Basic Income


The New South Institute (NSI) is proud to announce the latest contribution of our esteemed research fellow and co-founder, Jelena Vidojević, to the field of social policy and welfare state systems. Her in-depth chapter, titled “The South African Welfare State System: A Special Focus on Universal Basic Income“, has been published in the prestigious “Routledge International Handbook to Welfare State Systems: Towards Global Social Policy Science.”

The Routledge International Handbooks are renowned for their comprehensive coverage of significant topics in various disciplines such as sociology, economics, politics, health and social care, and environment & sustainability, addressing key global issues​​. The Handbooks bring together leading experts and present cutting-edge international research, offering authoritative guides to main debates and developments in various fields​​​​. This inclusion signifies a recognition of the importance of international and cross-cultural collaboration in addressing global problems and a commitment to stimulating new directions in policy and practice​​.

Jelena Vidojević’s chapter in this esteemed publication unravels the case of South Africa in the context of international social policy. It delves into the pressing issue of Universal Basic Income, a topic of significant relevance in developing countries at the forefront of social policy developments and welfare state system trends. This chapter provides a highly insightful and up-to-date case study of South African social politics, offering valuable insights for those interested in exploring social policy beyond traditional frameworks and learning from new, dynamic approaches being adopted in younger welfare states like South Africa.

We encourage our readers to delve into this groundbreaking work to gain a deeper understanding of the evolving dynamics of welfare state systems, especially in the context of developing countries. The book can be purchased through Routledge’s website, providing an invaluable resource for scholars, policy makers, and anyone interested in the future of social policy and welfare systems.

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