Overcoming the Challenges of Governance: A New Way of Monitoring and Predicting Organisational Capacity

This paper proposes a new way of monitoring and forecasting performance in public and private organisations. Drawing on Weber’s definition of an organisation and F.W Taylor’s notion of efficiency, we propose that the temporal regime of an organisation is an excellent proxy for efficiency and capacity. In addition, we are persuaded by Achille Mbembe’s concept of postcolonial societies as differing from others in terms of their aleatory, disruptive modes of time. We integrate this idea as a methodological intervention to focus on disruptions in the temporal regime of organisations as markers of changes in efficiency and capacity. We argue that by measuring an organisation’s temporal regime we have developed a scalable and fast way of monitoring and forecasting organisational performance. We apply this approach to a brief study of the state electricity company, Eskom, to argue that corruption and state capture were not chiefly responsible for its acute decline in performance after 2010.

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